Music T-Shirts ... Soon even Hundreds of Music T-Shirts

Music T-shirts and music calendars. That is the world of "Bach 4 You". The whole offer has developed from the Johann Sebastian Bach mission of Renate and Peter Bach, Jr. who are living in the small wine village of Flein, close to Heilbronn in Southern Germany. To the shop.


Music T-Shirts: 9 Out of Soon 1,000+ Exciting Music T-Shirts, Composers T-Shirts and Bach T-Shirts


Music T-shirts and more music T-shirts. That is one motto of the small publishing house in Southern Germany. It is the spring in the year 2020 and there are not more than 9 music T-shirts yet. And even those appear twice. However, in that way you have the imagination what that will look like soon. After we have handcrafted all these many music T-shirts later. 


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Yes, right, no music T-shirt. However, three music gifts, which "Bach 4 You" offers as well: one Bach calendar, two composers calendars and three music calendars. 3 sizes. 2022 + 2023.


If you are interested in more music gifts in general click in the line below. For music T-shirts choose "Spreadshirt", for music calendars with a grid choose "Zazzle" … learn more. 


Yes also no music T-shirt: It is the Bach beer stein of 1985. A historic one, not yet antique. On the right is the 2022 pipe organ wall calendar.


Composers calendars and music T-Shirts. These are two music gifts, in which the small publishing house in Southern Germany specializes.





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