Beyond Music T-Shirts ... There Is a Whole "World of Music Gifts and Gifts for Musicians" at "Bach 4 You"


Yes, that is all very personal, it is not really a business. In the picture above they all belong in the family of musicians of Johann Sebastian Bach. So, the knowledge that this is the case, first led to the Bach project and finally, to generate the needed money back ... to spend it after that in the subject of Bach again. More concrete these persons in the photo are Petra-Ines Kaune on the right, Renate Bach in the middle and on the left, that's Peter Bach, Jr., who writes here and the one, who takes the photos. Except this one. Of course.


Honor, to Whom Honor belongs: Johann Sebastian Bach


That is a Bach monument, that doesn't exist anymore since the end of World War One. It is lost. It once was located on the so called "Puppet Alley" in Berlin. In the picture, which actually is a postcard you see a big monument of King Frederick the Second on the left. Around these big monuments were smaller ones, as you might see in this ensemble and in the ensembles further down the alley. Here you can't see Bach at its original place as it is exactly in the line behind the foundation of the kings monument. A second postcard helps to locate the original place.


Here you can see the King of Prussia, Mr. Bach, and we have no clue who the gentleman with the hat is close to the King's monument.


There Is More than "Just" Music T-Shirts: 3 Cool "Departments"


Three "departments", aha.


Such a small company, a miniature publishing house, has departments. How funny. Okay here they are: First and foremost there are music calendars. More precisely there are 99 music calendars related to the themes organ, composers, music and Bach.


Second department? Bach items. That was the first group of products that "Bach 4 You offered" in its shop. Bach books, a Bach coloring book, Bach miniature biographies, Bach tin figures, man Bach beer steins, Bach music of course, several Bach audio books and four Bach busts.


The third department finally is something really special. It is a cooperation of the publishing house with several gift platforms on the internet. And that is, how it works. These platforms offer hundreds of gifts like Baseball caps, suitcases, umbrellas, baby bibs, smart phone cases, hats, china, ... tons of cool gift ideas. And now, "Bach 4 You" comes into play with its hundreds of different designs related to Bach, to composers and to music. Portraits, cool ideas, and art work. The small publishing house mixes its art work with the gifts of these internet shops and you can order the result. It is an adventure, if you don't know this service and option yet. If you do, you know that cool creations come into being, when "Bach 4 You" meets Zazzle, CafePress and Spreadshirt and welcomes you on the particular Bach-4-You-Shop on each of these internet-giants.


Department One: Music calendars and More Music Calendars ... Precisely 99 Composers Calendars, Organ Calendars, Bach Calendars and Music Calendars for Children And Grownups


The end of "department" one. Now you know all the 99 music calendars: Bach calendars, organ calendars, music calendars for children and grownups and finally composers calendars.


Department Two: Bach Gifts and More Bach gifts


Department Three: Music Gifts and More Music gifts


Yes, right, here they are again, the music T-shirts. That is how we can offer them. Namely, via Zazzle, CafePress and Spreadshirt. In our shops on these internet portals.


One Bach bust, one pipe organ calendar: cool music gifts.


2 gifts for musicians, 2 composers calendars, 2 music gifts. In the shop there are 99 calendars and many, many Bach gifts.


The music gift composer calendar and the music gift music T-shirt. Both is available in the small publishing house "Bach 4 You".





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